Howdy stranger

Howdy stranger

Oh I’m so happy today … one of my favorite sims is back! And they made it as cute and beautiful as the first Devin. This sim is a real must see and has a lot of nice spots to take pictures or snuggle with your partner. Visit Devin’s eye by following the link below and let yourself be drown into the warmth of this gorgious place ❤

But When there I took the liberty to make a blog for Lil’bug with one of their latest gacha creations. This round of the Gacha Guardians Lil’bug brought the “Horses” gacha (8 commons and 2 rares) and I’m using the 4th common from their set.

Clothes today are Blueberry – Bella – Bikini Set – Extra4, Blueberry – Bella – Knotted Tops – White, Blueberry – Bella – Unzipped Skirt – Black and last but not least the hair (inclusiv hat) is TRUTH HAIR Jill – variety

Be sure to check out the sim and see you all next blog …

Kisses Ivy

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