Golden Girl

Golden girl

I love backdrops and some are so detailed that you can already see yourself living it … One of them is this #Cranked# Backdrop Modern Corridor. You can find this gem at the main store together with other amazing backdrops (and be sure to also check out the clothing)

also new is this sexy top from Facepalm.  This “Laura Travel” top comes with a sweet colour hud of 4 textures and can be found at the mainstore. It can be worn on maitreya, belleza, slink and tonic mesh bodies.

And last but not least are these new sandals by -KC-couture. These can be found on marketplace under the lovely name “Judy” and are as usual with the big texture hud where you can change parts or completely the texture of the sandals.

Combined with the Blueberry Bella skirt and the Truth Teanna hair it makes a classy and nice summerly look …

Thanks all for watching and time for me to fight the heat again laughs … (You got to love summer right)


Pink Paradise

Pink Paradise

When writing this the new round of the epiphany is in full gear … So time to bring one of the creators in the spotlights … The amazing creation I’m wearing is the new gacha from [The Plastik] and omg what a gorgious gacha it is … ears, tail, skin, juwelry, tattoos al are included (not the bikini and hair)…

The “:[P]:- Blushed Kitsune” is really huge and below you can see the full gacha guide … The pink sign towards the epiphany sim is here also …


Happy playing and be sure if you like this gacha to check out the other amazing creations by [The Plastik] here at their main store …

You won’t regret it 😉

Kisses and enjoy summer!!!


Are you ready for this …

Are you ready for this

Hmmm come here my love … I have cuffs your size winks …I’m feeling hot and sexy with this new “Sexy Darlen Set” by [LSR] Moda …  This dress comes also with fitting boots (High Heels) for the Slink [ all ], Maitreya and  Belleza [ all ] mesh bodies. The included hud for the dress has 30 Textures and 2 for the metals (Hud Boots 30 Textures). You can find this wonderful dress on marketplace here:

or at the store inside the SL World:

Hmmm … okay lover enough blogging … you’re all mine now!!



Summer concerto

Summer violin

Wearing the kendrasy creations “:::KC::: Randy Dress” witch includes a nice HUD DRIVE WITH 20 DENIM COLORS for the maitreya, Freya Isis Venus, Physique & Hourglass ,Altamura,TMP and EVE mesh bodies. you can find this gorgious summer dress here …

At the inworld store :

Or here on marketplace :

The cute summerboots underneath are by -KC- couture called “Ginger suede boots” and can be found on marketplace…

Enjoy the summer and holidays!!!

Kisses Ivy



The future ...

“I have a blue house
With a blue window
Blue is the colour of all that I wear
Blue are the streets
And all the trees are too
I have a girlfriend and she is so blue

Blue are the people here
That walk around
Blue like my corvette its in and outside
Blue are the words I say
And what I think
Blue are the feelings
That live inside me” from Eiffel 65

Oh the future looks blue indeed with this nice new backdrop by #Cranked# at the ULTRA EVENT Starting tomorrow  15.07.2018 and what a bliss it is … this backdrop “Light Room” has an impressive hud that makes you change the lights and colour of them … Go get your own here at the event:

Wearing the amazing sexy “Sizzle” dress by Facepalm coming with a 10 part texture hud as an exclusive on the Twe12ve event this month. You can wear this fitmesh dress on the maitreya, belleza and Slink mesh bodies. Follow the ride below to the event …

Also new are these cute heels by -KC- couture called “Halia” for the maitreya, belleza, slink and tonic mesh feet … they are with the amazing 50 part texture hud. You can also change parts of the heels ❤ Available at marketplace here:

And last but not least I am wearing the superb goggles from The Plastik … These “The Stellis goggles” come in 4 different styles and with an incredible big texture pallet to make them fit al your outfits … The future never have seen thru better goggles then thru these ones 😉 … See them and other amazing creations by (for me) the best fantasy creator here at their main store.

So now my little blue ball show me the past present and future of …

Kisses Ivy

The secret service

Bond ... Jane bond

Pose by the amazing Sam poses studios called “M&M Smith” comming to the July round of “The Darkness”

Dress is by the [ LsR ] Moda brand. This  sexy “Marta Dress”is suitable for the Maitreya Belleza [ all ] Slink [ all ] mesh bodies with a Hud (30 Textures).

Store in World:

And the new heels are the “Gena” heels from -KC- couture and can be found on marketplace. They come with a hud of 50 textures.

Thank you brother to go on this secret mission with me … I hope we’ll succeed…

Till next blog all …

Kisses Ivy