Furry Beaching

Furry Beaching

The power of change … one of the best moments on Second Life … You can virtualy become everything you heart desire. And today I got the honour to blog for .:CERBERUS:.!

They created the amazing avi I’m wearing today. Thicc Fox has a lot of amazing huds to change the way you look fur colour, how your ears are, the eyes … to much to call. and it also has (like all the mesh bodies) an alpha hud where you can hide parts of your body for clothing… This is a really wellcrafted Furry that will give you a lot of pleasure ❤

You can find yours here at the main store …


The surfboard and pose are from {What’s next} and the flowers are by “Charmed” (found these on marketplace…

Cowabunga everyone … time to hit the waves and make my fur wet …


Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise

I always loved that name and the cocktail even taste superb also … A nice addition for a day at the beach right … Today I am standing inside the new backdrop from #Cranked# that you can find at the Aloha fair that opened august 25th. It will be one of the last summer fairs I think with fall crawling closer every day. This amazing “beach scene” with surfboard and wooden wall you can find here …


my outfit is by Zenith from their “Boho summer” gacha and the headband is by MishMash called the “Hippie Hippie Shake headband” The necklace I’ve got at the fantasy faire and is from Empyrean Forge and called “Levity necklace”

Till next time all

Cheers Ivy



Wearing the ★★[ LsR ] – Sexy Dorian Suit★★! This amazing Top & Skirt can be worn on the Maitreya, Belleza [ all ], Slink [ all ], Tonic [ all ] and eBODY  mesh bodies. It comes with a Hud filled with 30 hot textures… You can find it here on MP…


Or at the Store in World:


Also new are the amazing “Orane” heels from -KC- couture … These heels are available for maitreya, belleza and slink mesh feet. Coming with a 50 part texture hus!!! Get yours here at marketplace …


Thanks for joining and till next time ❤


Indecent thoughts

Indecent thoughts

A dirty mind is joy forever … my bestie once said! So who am I to argue with that giggles … And on the beach my thoughts really start wandering a lot 😉

Today the august round of sanarae starts and one of the creators there is [The Plastik] bringing you an amazing set of Compasses. This set called “Direction” is unisex and contains necklaces for male and female bodies (4 sizes) earrings and a bento compass to hold. With the texture hud you can change it to make it fit your outfit. Follow the thoughts to the sanarae event below …


The bikini is by Kendrasy creations and come also with an impressive hud to change everything of the bikini. Fiyi can be worn on the maitreya, belleza and slink mesh bodies. Find yours on marketplace or at the main store.



Thanks for joining me in my thoughts all … till next time 😉


Lost Girls

Lost girls

Inspired by the amazing “Lost girls” video by Lindsey Sterling… Summer may be winding down, but Whimsical is just kicking off this round! Come find all the wonderful things you never knew you needed and wanted while you can because this round will end on September 18th!


And one of the amazing creators there is [The Plastik] bringing another of their top class gachas. This time they brought us “Maliana Fairy Gacha” containing  24 commons, 6 rares and 1 ultra rare (75L per play)… See the gacha key below and the amazing video ❤


[The Plastik] and Lindsey Sterling … a match made in heaven …

Kisses Ivy

The cold delight


Nothing better then icecream on a hot day … So the best moment to place the newest backdrop “#Cranked# Backdrop Ice Cream (24 LI)” into the spotlight … you can find this one at the Ultra event that started august 15th. Follow the link to check it out …


Also new is this ★★[ LsR ] – Sexy Carina Denim Set. This amazing top & shorts are wearable on the Maitreya, Belleza [ all ], Slink [ all ], Tonic [ all ] and eBODY [ Curvy ] mesh bodies. The texture hud has 30 Textures in it … Available on marketplace here:


Or at the Store in World here:


Till next time all

Kisses Ivy

Enjoying Shopping

Enjoying shopping

As a djane inworld I always am on the lookout for new music so some shopping in a music store can take hours laughs … but I so love it!!! And to finaly find that one beat you were looking for so that you can use it in next set …

Wearing the ★★[ LsR ] – Sexy Salma Dress★★ This amazing cocktail dress can be worn on the Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis – Freya ] and  Slink [ HourGlass ] mesh bodies. The included hud contains 30 Textures… Find yours on Marketplace here:


Or at the store on the grid:


I combined this with the newest creation from -kc-couture. The “Merel” plateau heels are coming with the amazing 50 texture hud as usual and can be worn on maitreya, belleza and slink mesh feet. Find yours here:


Other credits are *!R.O!* Routine BENTO Pose w/ Mesh Latte & Phone, [LX] Cross Necklace [Silver] and Truth hair “Ellie”

Till next time all

Kisses Ivy