Furry Beaching

Furry Beaching

The power of change … one of the best moments on Second Life … You can virtualy become everything you heart desire. And today I got the honour to blog for .:CERBERUS:.!

They created the amazing avi I’m wearing today. Thicc Fox has a lot of amazing huds to change the way you look fur colour, how your ears are, the eyes … to much to call. and it also has (like all the mesh bodies) an alpha hud where you can hide parts of your body for clothing… This is a really wellcrafted Furry that will give you a lot of pleasure ❤

You can find yours here at the main store …


The surfboard and pose are from {What’s next} and the flowers are by “Charmed” (found these on marketplace…

Cowabunga everyone … time to hit the waves and make my fur wet …


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