Woman of Ireland

Woman of ireland

“She has a smart ass mouth, but she’s as honest as the come. She’s sarcastic, but she’s got a heart if gold. She’s stubborn, but she’s loyal as fuck. She’s a little bi-polar, so sometimes you just gotta laugh and let her have her way”

Wearing the new “Laelia Gown” from Dreaming Thicket that will be their We Love Roleplay creation. This Gown you can find in 6 different textures and can be worn on maitreya, belleza and Slink mesh bodies. Time to discover your inner queen ❤

We Love Roleplay starts today and stops on the last day of september … follow the warhorn sound here …


Also from Dreaming Thicket is the amazing mutlifunctional “Imaginarium Banner Blogger Box” These customizeable banners you can change by clicking on them (different colours patters and even drawings on them)

The Mainstore can be found here :


and as last the song that inspired me to make this picture…



Kisses and till next blog,


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