Scarlet Death

Scarlet Death

“Venice … The hordes of hell escaped the vault of Rome. Sended by the vatican itself, the mysterious woman called Scarlet Death hunts down these demons with her skills as a master assasinator. Beware … ”

Wearing the ★★[ LsR ] – Sexy Marisol Suit★★ ►

This seductive suit can be worn on the Maitreya, Belleza [ all ] and Slink [ all ] mesh bodies. Including a hud with 30 textures! You can find this hotness here on marketplace …

Or at the store inworld here:

Other credits:

Today I also used the N-core SURVIVOR “FatPack” (boots), + SEMPITERNAL [Ancestors] Montague Dagger SILVER, + SEMPITERNAL [Ancestors] Lust Suite RARE, + SEMPITERNAL [Ancestors] Lover’s Frame, DRD series 01 Canopy bed (dark) and + SEMPITERNAL [Ancestors] Capulet Bracer SILVER …

Big kisses and till next blog …


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