I loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night…

I loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night

“If we were stars glowing in the sky
Illuminate the dark like a shining light
If we were sparks flying in the wind
Flashing in the night ignite the flame within” Stars by solitary experiments


Backdrop by #Cranked# for the new round of “The Suicide DollZ.” The darker side of your SL. This cute backdrop is modify and easy to use for your pictures. You can find this and other amazing stuff here at the event.


Or check out the #cranked# main store for more goodies here:


The table and chair are from the amazing [The  Plastik] and can be found with a hud with different textures. This Dining set called Starlana can be found at the new “Au Lovely” event … follow the link below to get there …


The plate with the starry and yummie cookies is called “:[P]:- Saucer of Rea Jellies SECRET RARE” and comes also from [The Plastik] but from their [Kawaii Okashi Gatcha]

For the main store see below:


Time for some stars … till next time all …

Kisses Ivy

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