Follow the light …

Follow the light

“Avalon … the mystic land where time stood still. Crowded with mythical creatures it rarely invite people but now and then you can see one in the swamps leading the travelers with a light… watch your steps not all of them are friendly!!!”

Today I got into a fantastic fantasy mood with the new Lootbox gacha from [The Plastik] that you will be able to play for at the next lootbox event starting today ❤ The “Unicorn Kinn” gacha is unisex and contains 26 commens, 3 rares and 2 Lootbox rares. Almost every part is with a texture hud so you are able to make it your own likings … Try it yourself and let yourself go into the world of the unicorns…

Safe paths thru the swaps below … so follow the light to the Lootbox event…

and for more fantasy stuff … (be sure to check out the amazing skins) visit the main store here:

Keep walking … follow the light … grins


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