“I’m standing in the dark behind you
Reaching out to feel your face
Scratching my nails down the lines of your spine
Stealing all your secrets to make them mine

I take out the lies inside you
Bury them deep in the ground outside
Fucking the infection of your lovely pain
You’re my possession turned obsession gone insane” from Rituals by God Module

I love witchcraft and one of the creators in SL bringing out fantastic stuff is Paper Moon… I used in this picture their “*pm* Erzulie Freda Veve” it excist in one easy to place item with candles cards a plate with offerings and leaves in the form of a heart… This amazing item and much more you can find at the Paper Moon main store here:


Wearing the new “Evelyn” body for the maitreya, belleza, slink, Tonic and ocacin mesh bodies. Coming with a hud with 8 textures… You can find this at the original Vogue Event that started 25.9.2018. Follow the link below to the event …


The boots are by -KC- couture called berlin … These are an older pair but still available thru marketplace here:


or at the main store here:


Time to summon some more spirits and have a nice party …

See ya … Ivy

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