Fantasy Guard

Fantasy guard

Wearing the beautiful new “Witch Hazel” dress from Dreaming thicket that is the new creation for the We Love Roleplay event this october… you can wear this dress on maitreya, belleza, slink, TMP, ocacin,Ebody, Tonic Mesh bodies and the regular sl body. Coming in 6 textures … (Ivy wears the Oak version) You can find the W<3RP here:

Pose is by Réve Obscura called “archer” and the boots are from a gacha by zenith called “Secret Agent” namely the  “Boots (begie)-Maitreya”… The necklace is also from a gacha by SPELL  called “Middle Earth”  and is the evenstar necklace … and to finish off the Truth VIP hair Zoya…

Till next time all

Kisses Ivy

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