Oh dear, my cute deer …

Oh my cute deer ...

Laughs oi … yes even a halfbreed like me needs to fix her look … so this new collaboration between “Dreamland Designs” and “Joolee Tee” is just amazing for me … And it was a good opportunity to show my deer look again to you guys ❤

This “Celtic Vanity Cabinet Set” is an original Mesh Exclusive and new creation for the “Twe12ve Event” that  starts the 12th of October (sorry still need 3 days waiting) The Vanity Tree Stump comes with washing hands pose and water can be turned off and on. The drawers can be open and closed with sound…  The Tree stump comes with 28 single stump sits ❤ I needed two for that big butt of mine today lol Follow the path thru the forrest to get to the event …


The other credits are still one of my favorite things ever … This “Tentacio & .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Childrens of Diana” gacha stuff inclusif the Rare body… One of the best crafted out there… Good luck if you are going to try to get yours together it is really worth the money ❤


See you next time all … hugs


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