The Last Dance

The last dance

“She danced with you last night so you will
All you have shared, a lifetime.
The angels were watching and death will be
Until the time is right.

Don’t be scared now,
Close your eyes,
She holds guard tonight.
Go on forward,
No remorse,

Life will take its course.” From “The Last Dance” by Within Temptation

The pose fair is one of the events I really enjoy becausse for us bloggers poses are what can bring us closer to that one certain vision we have in our heads… Some of the creators have that in mind when they bring out their newest ones. The creator I want to place in the moonlight this creepy night is “Le Poppycock” They created for the Pose fair the amazing *Necromantic* gacha … in that gacha this pose is called “The Last Dance” and comes with skeleton … isn’t he handsome ❤ The event runs till the end of october and be sure to check out the free gift poses 🙂

My outfit is by Reign and from the gacha with the amazing name “Return of the Coven” and the skin on my Catwa head is from Glam Affair’s newest gacha at the arcade “Dorothy”

Dim the lights and dance till there is no tomorrow …

Hugs Ivy


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