Love is a cardgame

Love is a cardgame ...

“Love is a cardgame with jokers and poker,

Love is a game of give and taking,

Love is a cardgame for ladies and men,

Love is a game of chance for winners as you …”


Wearing the newest creation by “Horntail” for the newest round of equal10 that started two days ago … The “Meiko” outfit excist out of a suit and bikini for the Maitreya mesh bodies. There are 12 colours available at the event so be sure to check them out … (I’m wearing the black suit and crimson bikini) You’re ace towards the event is below…

The boots are the “Berlin High boots” from -KC- couture … they are an older pair but still amazing and a good fit with a lot of outfits ❤ They come with the big texture hud all the creations have from that brand. Available at marketplace or the main store…

Okay time to deal another game … Do you have another ace upon your sleave darling?


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