It’s a kind of magic

It's a kind of Magic .jpg

What would the world be without some magic … And not all of it are in spells or potions … a good song can be equally magical. So thinking back at Queen and their song “It’s a kind of magic” I started to work on this blog and what stores can give us the same feeling? I know … Paper Moon and [The plastik] ❤ They create really amazing things witch I gladly use as the witch I am … winks

First thing I used and is also a new creation by Paper Moon are the *pm* Spooky Spell Ingredients. Those ingredients are in a set of 9 pieces with nice textures. There are 4 different packs. You can get these at the main store here … and if you hurry you can also find other nice items with the Halloween sales!!!

The the nice tapestry behind me is from [the Plastik] from their Cela Tapestry series and is the [love] version… Pose is from Elephant poses called Hocus Pocus. My outfit is from the EQUAL – Maitresse gacha (not the hat). And the cute dragon at my side is the *HEXtraordinary* Faerie Dragon – Monarch

And as last but not least the song that started this blog … hands up for Queennnnnnnn!



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