Musical feelings

Feelings ...

A lot to blog today ❤ and we start off with the ★★[ LsR ] – Sexy Dara Shirt★★ This shirt is wearable on  Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis – Freya ], Slink [Physique HourGlass ]  and Altamura [ Sofia ] mesh bodies and contain a hud with 30 textures … You can find it on Marketplace:

Or the store in World:

After that we go to the new round of “the season story” where we found that cute mirror on the wall … The Aulaie mirror comes in a lot of different styles and are modify … a nice piece of decoration fitting any room. Look for the booth from [The Plastik] and get your own…The season story runs from oct 10 till oct 31 and underneath is the broomstick ride towards it :

And last but not least we have new shoes yaaaaay … a girl can’t have shoes enough right ❤ So look at those gorgious new -KC- couture “Kaitlyn Plateau” They are available for maitreya, belleza and slink mesh feet and come with the usual big texture hud 🙂 Available on marketplace here:

So Time to enjoy my music further … take care everyone!!!

Kisses Ivy



The look

The stare

“Swaying to the band
Moving like a hammer
She’s a miracle man
Loving is the ocean
Kissing is the wet sand
She’s got the look” by Roxette

Here we are with another “Dreamland Designs” and “Joolee Tee” exclusive for the “Ultra” event. This is a Original Mesh Collaboration containing the swinging chair and the cushion pile in front … The Bohemian Hanging Chair is available in Adult & PG and comes with a texture changer wich has 3 different color sets. The event Starts today the 15th of October


Flickr Links:

Dreamland Designs:

Joolee Tee:

Till next time everyone …

I’m enjoying the last summerly days even thou it is fall laughs


Love is a cardgame

Love is a cardgame ...

“Love is a cardgame with jokers and poker,

Love is a game of give and taking,

Love is a cardgame for ladies and men,

Love is a game of chance for winners as you …”


Wearing the newest creation by “Horntail” for the newest round of equal10 that started two days ago … The “Meiko” outfit excist out of a suit and bikini for the Maitreya mesh bodies. There are 12 colours available at the event so be sure to check them out … (I’m wearing the black suit and crimson bikini) You’re ace towards the event is below…

The boots are the “Berlin High boots” from -KC- couture … they are an older pair but still amazing and a good fit with a lot of outfits ❤ They come with the big texture hud all the creations have from that brand. Available at marketplace or the main store…

Okay time to deal another game … Do you have another ace upon your sleave darling?


What do you want …

What do you want.jpg

Some milk? Do I look like the milkman or so? Oh so you’re our neighbours … Hmmm

Wearing the ★★[ LsR ] – Sexy Liza Jumpsuit★★ This  JumpSuit can be worn on  Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis – Freya ], Slink [Physique HourGlass ] and  Altamura [ Sofia ] mesh bodies. The hud with it has 30 Textures to make it fit your likings ❤ You can find this new sexy jumpsuit at Marketplace here:

Or at the Store in World here:

other credits are [Canimal] Space Adventure Helmet-Blue, the (GALLACTIC) Jetpack . blue and the DRD lazy boot closed buckles CA2

Be sure to check it out 🙂

Kisses Ivy

The Last Dance

The last dance

“She danced with you last night so you will
All you have shared, a lifetime.
The angels were watching and death will be
Until the time is right.

Don’t be scared now,
Close your eyes,
She holds guard tonight.
Go on forward,
No remorse,

Life will take its course.” From “The Last Dance” by Within Temptation

The pose fair is one of the events I really enjoy becausse for us bloggers poses are what can bring us closer to that one certain vision we have in our heads… Some of the creators have that in mind when they bring out their newest ones. The creator I want to place in the moonlight this creepy night is “Le Poppycock” They created for the Pose fair the amazing *Necromantic* gacha … in that gacha this pose is called “The Last Dance” and comes with skeleton … isn’t he handsome ❤ The event runs till the end of october and be sure to check out the free gift poses 🙂

My outfit is by Reign and from the gacha with the amazing name “Return of the Coven” and the skin on my Catwa head is from Glam Affair’s newest gacha at the arcade “Dorothy”

Dim the lights and dance till there is no tomorrow …

Hugs Ivy


Oh dear, my cute deer …

Oh my cute deer ...

Laughs oi … yes even a halfbreed like me needs to fix her look … so this new collaboration between “Dreamland Designs” and “Joolee Tee” is just amazing for me … And it was a good opportunity to show my deer look again to you guys ❤

This “Celtic Vanity Cabinet Set” is an original Mesh Exclusive and new creation for the “Twe12ve Event” that  starts the 12th of October (sorry still need 3 days waiting) The Vanity Tree Stump comes with washing hands pose and water can be turned off and on. The drawers can be open and closed with sound…  The Tree stump comes with 28 single stump sits ❤ I needed two for that big butt of mine today lol Follow the path thru the forrest to get to the event …

The other credits are still one of my favorite things ever … This “Tentacio & .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Childrens of Diana” gacha stuff inclusif the Rare body… One of the best crafted out there… Good luck if you are going to try to get yours together it is really worth the money ❤

See you next time all … hugs


Heavy artilery

heavy artilery

The forces of the law come not only in blue … but also in black, pink, red, white and grey when the police uniforms of Horntail reaches the streets. These amazing “Kaela” outfits for the maitreya body excist out of 5 pieces a set and are über sexy… You can find these at the running “The Level event” that still lasts until october 24th … Be sure to go check it out!!! Run to the policecar and drive to the event here:

Thank you and now can I see some ID please? And state your business here…

Officer Ivy


Wtf … Pigs can really fly?

Wtf ... pigs can fly.jpg

Pose by the Sam Poses brand called “autumn Ride” comes as a rezzable bike with 4 poses including dogs in bike and falling leaves. This pose is available at the october round of the avenue … Ride towards the event:

I also went to the .Suicide DollZ. The darker side of your SL EVENT ! event that started today for this new cute hoodie by #Cranked# called STFU with a nice colour hud and wearable on maitreya, belleza, Ocacin, Slink and Tonic mesh bodies… Find yours here at the event:

And also new are these “Vidya ankle boots” from -KC-couture with the amazing texture hud as always. For the maitreya, belleza and slink mesh feet! Available on marketplace here:

Other credits the flying pig companion from mishmish, the #EVANI-Tiffany jeans LIGHT and last but not least the tram H0531 hair / HUD-A.

Okay time to catch the flying BBQ monster …

Till next time everyone ❤



Danse macabre

Danse Macabre

And further we go with the creepy pictures giggles … today with the new & Exclusive Swank Event Creation from “Dreamland designs”. The Theme this month is gothic and Dark and this is another  collaboration between Joolee Tee & Dreamland Designs. The set includes a bed (Available In PG & Adult), nightstands with Lamps, a wrought iron star  and the chair wich is also available in PG &Adult … The event starts officially today on the 6th Of October. Muahahahaha here is your skelleton carriage towards the event :

P.S. No ghosts were hunted or harmed while taking the picture …

Be spookalicious and haunt further…


Fantasy Guard

Fantasy guard

Wearing the beautiful new “Witch Hazel” dress from Dreaming thicket that is the new creation for the We Love Roleplay event this october… you can wear this dress on maitreya, belleza, slink, TMP, ocacin,Ebody, Tonic Mesh bodies and the regular sl body. Coming in 6 textures … (Ivy wears the Oak version) You can find the W<3RP here:

Pose is by Réve Obscura called “archer” and the boots are from a gacha by zenith called “Secret Agent” namely the  “Boots (begie)-Maitreya”… The necklace is also from a gacha by SPELL  called “Middle Earth”  and is the evenstar necklace … and to finish off the Truth VIP hair Zoya…

Till next time all

Kisses Ivy