Silk Road Fantasy

Blossom walkings.jpg

A new month means also a new Gacha garden and on that event I found something very cute from kisetsu called the “Wagasa (Paper Umbrella)” these amazing umbrella’s come with a ao (4 different poses) and an option to close or open the umbrella … There are 9 commons and one Rare (displayed on my picture) Go check it out and also the exclusive heart shaped one!!! The silk road towards the event starts below …

Outfit is by Luas called Sayuri and is a gacha still available at the main store here:

And the garters are the ones I used also in my previous blog from -KC-couture called the “Nebula skull garter” with the amazing 50 textures hud … you can wear this gorgious item on Maitreya, belleza, slink and tonic mesh bodies! Find yours here at the main store …



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