Who said a satyr can’t make music …

Who said Satyrs can't make music ...

Oh yessss … roffffleeeee … [The plastik] will release a new amazing gacha tomorrow at the special round of the epiphany!!! Yes you read it right an extra round of one of the best gacha fairs on the grid and look at the gorgious outfit I’m wearing… This new gacha is called “Satriane” and I’m using the ears, earrings, necklace, wreath, top and cloth, tail and legs … Almost every part has an incredible texture hud so you can give it your own touch. So come check it out at the epiphany here…


The cute pose with chair and violin is from Le poppycock and called “Grim Anthem” from their Necromantic gacha. Find this and other gacha or cute poses at the main store:


Kisses and till next concert of this satyr … well if I haven’t chased my audience away 😉


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