Beach Pals


Sometimes you meet the weirdest friends in the strangest places… So one day I was enjoying a break at the beach when a little hulla dancing mouse came by … I still think he was after the banana 😉

Wearing the Horntail – [Stargalaxy black] Ayame Maitreya Bikini … there are a lot of other designs of this bikini so check them out on marketplace here …

The pose is by Le Poppycock and comes from their “endless summer” gacha at the main store and is the “forbidden fruit” common pose. Just wear the ball to do the pose so no rezzing problems ❤

The amazing cute mice next to me … is called “Hula” from the “Summer Meese” collection from “The plastik” this was also a gacha item so check out the main store or marketplace for them. They are a must have … so cuteeeee …

Till next time everyone … and have a happy end of the year full of love and joy !!!

Kisses Ivy

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