Vigilant … hero or menace?

vigilant ... hero or menace

Even a cat at gotham has to be dressed in style … miawwww… so this discount at MooH! is an amazing opportunity to bring out my fiercy self ❤

So rush towards the inworld store becausse they are offering this cute strapless romper  “Kat” with open toe socks in 2 colors with a 50% discount, which is just 99L. There are 4 tights colors for each set. ​This goes on till Jan 24th… Nice isn’t it 😉 Follow the cat towards the MooH! main store below:

So where were we … kicked the bugglers butt … check … seduce the bat … check … rob the museum for the diamond… ah yes … there we go lol

Catwoman aka Ivy

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