It’s a doggy world …

the mooh! world

You know a big part of my world is all about animals … I do love them in Second Life … But mostly they only create the animals but nothing around them … But today I found an amazing bed for my little doggies… MooH! created the “luxe pet beds gacha” with 14 common beds and 2 rare beds fitting for your little pals. See the gachakey for them all ❤


You can find this gacha with a lot of other interesting and gorgious gachas at the main store here:

Wearing today is the Mooh! gift for bloggers “MOoH! MOoH!licious dress” with thanks to the creators ❤ And my shoes are the newest pair of heels by -KC- couture called “Laeila” and can be bought on marketplace here:

or at the main store together with all the other beauties:

Pose is by Luanes world…

Kisses and till next blog


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