Disco Night

Disco night

Wearing the [ LsR ] – Sexy Mayeli Dress witch is an Exclusive for the Dubai event! The February Round Opened the  18th and the / ✩✩[ LsR ] – Sexy Mayeli Dress✩✩ is 100% Original Mesh and includes: [✔]Mesh Option : Dress [✔]Controler Hud with 30 Textures [✔]Sizes for Suit : Maitreya Belleza [ Isis Freya ] Slink [ HourGlass ] [✔]Single Items available ‘ONE COLOR’ [✔]Full Options in FatPack… You can find the event here:


Also wearing the -KC- ZURICH BOOTS for the MAITREYA, BELLEZA, PHYSIQUE and HOURGLASS mesh feet … You can find these amazing boots with an superb texture hud on marketplace here:


and then we also have the exclusive .:Joplino:. backdrop “Disco” for the Commotion Event that runs until march 9th … so hurry if you want your own copy of this cute backdrop ❤

Event URL:


other credits are the -KC- CAILY CHOKER and the -FABIA- Mesh Hair < Lilak> witch is a groupgift at their main store 😉

Till next blog all …


Spring is coming…

Spring is coming

Hmmm finaly the sunny days are starting to feel good again … and nature is waking up from its winter sleep. So nothing more fitting then the new backdrop from .:Joplino:. called “Ivy Hallway” witch is an exclusive for the “Dubai Event” that is open till march 10th ♥ URL:


Ivy is wearing the new -KC-couture Persia heels for the maitreya, belleza, slink and tonic mesh feet. You can find these with the amazing texture hud on marketplace here:


And the fantastic summer dress is called “Arale” and could be found on the “Unik” event. This dress is by Seniha and 100 percent mesh. You can get in in single colours or as fatpack. Sizes that Suit the Maitreya.Freya, Isis and Hourglass bodies… Hurry up becausse the event closes soon… see link below to it ❤


And last is this cute pose by :LW: Poses – Grow Flowers  witch is a single pose prop including flowers for the hand and headpieces ❤ Found on marketplace!

Kisses Ivy

Peaceful thoughts …


Ahhhh weekend finaly … time to let all the stress go and think about fun things for two days. So I slipped into my new swimsuit and dived into our pool…

So today I’m wearing the new set of jewelery from [The Plastik] that you can find at the Whimsical event that opened the 18th of februari. Follow the link underneath for the event ❤


This set is called “Nanika” and I’m using the :[P]:- Nanika Singlerow Bracelet [R], the :[P]:- Nanika Circlet, the :[P]:- Nanika Choker and the :[P]:- Nanika Bracelet [L]… but you also have anklets, a bindi and earrings not in picture 🙂 See the picture from the store below to have an impression of those and to see the amazing texture hud you have also included.


and the swimsuit I wore is the new Caboodle – Hentai Thong Bikini – Black Camo that you can find at the new hentai faire …

Time to relax now … see you soon all and enjoy the weekend!!!


Come make me Purrrrr…

Come make me purrrr...

Coming from the MOoH! mainstore is this cute and sexy release of kitty covers. They will be at the mainstore only for now and be released in Marketplace in about 11 days (March 3). During this time they will only be 99L for the whole pack. After that they will be their normal price of 199L… come get them and purr with us …


other credits are the Birdy. Cabaret – Corset and boots White (gacha items), the Birdy – Fur Coat for the Maitreya – White, the JCNY – Queen of Hearts, Jewelry Set, the CHAIN – Flash Ring Set (Group Gift) and  the ^*^GAYAA^*^~~Cat Mask ~~G~M

Hmmm … purrrrrfect baby … cum play with me …


Blind Seduction

Blind Seduction

“Hmmm are you there … let me dance for you… Is it making you hot knowing I can’t see you ? … ”

Wearing the [ LsR ] – Sexy Felicity Dress witch is an exclusive for the “Sense” event that you can find on this location:


The February Round Opened the  18th and  the  / ✩✩[ LsR ] – Sexy Felicity Dress✩✩ 100% Original Mesh Includes: [✔]Mesh Option : Dress [✔]Controler Hud 30 Textures [✔]Sizes for Suit : Maitreya Belleza [ Isis Freya ] Slink [ HourGlass ] [✔]Single Items available ‘ONE COLOR’ [✔]Full Options in FatPack

The boots are by -KC- couture  called the “-KC- NAIDA STRAPPY BOOTS” wearable on MAITREYA SLINK BELLEZA and TONIC mesh feet. You can find them on marketplace here:


Be sure to also check out the main stores of [LSR] and -KC- couture here:

[LSR]: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bad%20Girl/80/173/22

KC couture: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ominious/48/152/21

See you all next blog ❤


The Hogwarts express

On my way to Hogwarts

I visited the “world of magic” event and I really hope this will be repeated becausse it was really enchanting to see those amazing creators bringing the Harry Potter world into SL… One of the most beautiful items for me was this “The wizard express” from Kraftwork. Really beautiful and containing some poses (single and couple)… Dive into the magical world yourself here …


Protego Totalum

okay now we’re protected … till next blog 😉


When the fun is starting

When the fun is starting

As promised a better look on the amazing .:Joplino:. backdrop “Live show” that you can find at the main store here…


the babydoll I’m wearing is the valentine gift from “Scandalize” there were 4 options in it and are sexy and cute… for the belleza, maitreya and Slink mesh bodies. Be sure to get yours when you are in the group ❤


and last is the superb pose from Réve Obscura … this bento pose called “Mood” comes with mesh wine and mesh heels. You can find it on marketplace or at their main store…

Okay time for some fun now … till next time all ❤


Ladies Night

Ladies night

Time for a ladies night and for that I took a dive in my closet and grabbed this amazing new [ LsR ] – Sexy Hanni Set witch is an xxclusive for newest round of the “Tres Chic” event starting the february Round on the 17th … Follow the link below for the event


The ✩✩[ LsR ] – Sexy Hanni Set✩✩ is 100% Original Mesh and includes: [✔]Mesh Option : Top & Skirt [✔]Controler Hud with 30 Textures [✔]Sizes for Suit : Maitreya Belleza [ Isis Freya ] Slink [ HourGlass ] [✔]Single Items available ‘ONE COLOR’ [✔]Full Options in FatPack

I combined them with the new -KC- couture high heels “Persia” that come as usual with an impressive 50 part texture hud. They can be worn on maitreya, belleza, Slink and Tonic mesh feet. They can be found at marketplace here:


and last but not least the beautiful backdrop is by .:Joplino:. and called “Live show” and i will use that also in next picture of today… This cutie can be found at their main store together with a lot of other amazing stuff … worth a tp there for sure 😉


See you in a bit for next picture … laughs