My Dark Valentine

My Dark Valentine

A big weekend full of amazing events and fairs opening  … one of them was the cupid inc. where the best creators of Second Life are gathered to bring you some loving… This amazing dress is one of the items I got there …

Wearing the :Moon Amore: Passionate Gown / ONYX together with the =Zenith=Gothic Headpiece (Silver) (one of my most favorite items) and the necklace is CHAIN – Shanna Necklace Set witch is a Group Gift at the main store.

The amazing pose with ravens is by Le Poppycock called *Dark Promises* Forsaken… I was so happy to turn back into my goth roots for this picture… It always has been a big part of my life even thou it is only with music these days 😉

Till next time all …

Kisses Ivy

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