The fellowship …

The fellowship

One of my favorite movie franchises is “The Lord of the Rings” and most of all the first  where they bound together in a fellowship to go on their quest. The idea of having to set their differences aside to make it work should be the way for our world also … So I bounded together with a tree folk and an orc leader to go on my quest ❤

And now the “Enchantment” event has the  LOTR as theme opening Feb 9 till March 4. One of the creators there is MOoH! and they are offering a cute decor gacha set for the elves among us or for your fantasy house and sim. They are 50L a try and the set has 13 commons and 2 Rare items. I am using the “Ivy Gazebo” in the picture. Follow the path to the realm of enchatment below …

The hunt is in the main store. Hint: Let’s hope spring brings us lots of cherry blossom. Dragon flight towards the main store…

The orc and tree guy are from [harshlands] and are available on marketplace… and my outfit is a gacha from FDD GS called  *Cirilla*

Let the quest start … on to the dark mountains…


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