Peaceful thoughts …


Ahhhh weekend finaly … time to let all the stress go and think about fun things for two days. So I slipped into my new swimsuit and dived into our pool…

So today I’m wearing the new set of jewelery from [The Plastik] that you can find at the Whimsical event that opened the 18th of februari. Follow the link underneath for the event ❤

This set is called “Nanika” and I’m using the :[P]:- Nanika Singlerow Bracelet [R], the :[P]:- Nanika Circlet, the :[P]:- Nanika Choker and the :[P]:- Nanika Bracelet [L]… but you also have anklets, a bindi and earrings not in picture 🙂 See the picture from the store below to have an impression of those and to see the amazing texture hud you have also included.


and the swimsuit I wore is the new Caboodle – Hentai Thong Bikini – Black Camo that you can find at the new hentai faire …

Time to relax now … see you soon all and enjoy the weekend!!!


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