Ready for the beach

Ready for the beach

Can you smell what’s in the air? It’s the season of love. Time to bring out the colors of spring and enjoy the cool breezes of a warm day. So join us at the Spring Flair to get us started, you will enjoy this event witch is full of color, freshness, and a blend of styles from a lot of amazing creators. Shake off the winter at this event, it will be open until April 26th.

And one of the creators there is [The plastik] with these cute and flowerish tapestries called Manina. These Manina Tapestries includes 3 styles and there are 3 pack options available for 289L each or you can buy the 799L fatpack. Fresh springwind towards the event below:

Wearing in this picture are the -KC- couture sunglasses “Vogue” witch come with an impressive hud and can be worn on the nose or up as in the picture. Available on marketplace or at the main store.

and last but not least the cute and sexy swimsuit is by Horntail called Momoka and comes in 9 different colors … still available at the main store or on marketplace.

Time to let us be drown in the spring sun …

Till next time all … Ivy

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