What are you looking at Bub …

What are you looking at bub ...

This time in picture straight from chicago …

The nice /anxiety/ puddin backdrop was an amazing setting for this maffia style picture with as decoration the ::TA Tommy Gun Set – from :: Tartessos Arts :: Furniture. (Also the stengun included that I’m holding.) The outfit is an older outfit from Asteria Creations and called “Dangerous Girl Strap Short & Hat – Black”

And last but not least I wanted bring a nice new item in the spotlights (can’t see much of it in the picture thou) But the amazing #hashbang! – Vape Pens Gacha that you can find at the current round of  Gachaland. There are 9 common vapes and 2 rare ones. Every vape comes with a hud and a mouth part …  You can find the event here:


So and a  closer look on the gacha picture below ❤


So grab yourself a whiskey there Bub and lets talk business … capiche?

Ciao Ivy

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