I’m a good girl

I'm a bad girl ...

“I am a girl, the very girl who wrote this song
I like to sing, and by the end you’ll sing along
I like to wear polka dots and bright pink hair
My vinyl skirt is shiny, but please don’t ask to see my heinie

Cause I’m a good girl
I always aim to please
I keep my wrist bands on and wear my boots up to my knees
Cause I’m a good girl
I’ll never lie to you
I don’t go anywhere unless you say that you’ll go too”

Wearing the newest release from : .::PiNK CHERRY::. witch is the Chained Bodysuit “Justine” a -MESH- bodysuit for the  Slink (Physique & Hourglass) & also Maitreya Lara mesh bodies. This gorgious and sexy creation is available in 7 Color variations / Chain Metals (Silver & Gold) and the price is 229L$ each… Follow the link to get yours …


The blindfold is by Facepalm and called “+FCC+ Trusted Blindfold Bad Girl” and the amazing backdrop is from Sayo and named the “Crimson Dreams Backdrop” and then we have the sexy pose by Réve Obscura called *!R.O!* You or Me

Till next time all

Kisses Ivy



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