Spring feelings

Spring feelings

Wishing everyone a joyful easter weekend ! And if you are online this weekend be sure to check out the new creations at the TWE12VE event that started April 12 and runs until the  30th. MOoH! is offering at that event a gacha with musical instruments as decoration. ​There are 13 commocs and 2 rares and it is 50L a try your luck. I’m using the Piano with owl (Rare), the Trumpet bird bath robin and the Guitar planter tulips pink.


Wearing the incredible Moon amore outfit from their latest The epiphany gacha “Blossom time” poppytrail to the event …


and the pose is by Le Poppycock called “Inhale the Moment” from their Le *Versions of April* gacha available at the main store…


Okay have fun at easter … and till next blog ❤



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