The naughty witch

The naughty witch

“oops did my skirt move up during the spell…”

Using today in the picture:

*[ Focus Poses ] Witch craft room w/props witch you can find at the main store

* Tableau Vivant \\ Witch way – Athame – Reds. This one is a gacha item and still at their mainstore so good luck in getting yours ❤

* RAMA – College Bae Pleated Skirt ‘Black Onyx’ and RAMA – College Bae Satin Bomber ‘Black Onyx’ are both from the recent uber event (skirt has a touch to crawl up hud inside lol)

*-KC- ADRIANA HIGH SNEAKERS ( for MAITREYA SLINK BELLEZA TONIC) witch you can find on marketplace

* :[P]:- Occulti Rugs from The plastik (you can see two of them on the picture are the Rin and Sea versions) available at the mainstore together with other amazing fantasy stuff … and take a look at their gorgious skins … They are just stunning ❤

See you all next time … wiggles her nose 🙂


Love You Too…

Love you too ...

Another amazing pose by “Focus Poses” called Friends 133 (car not included) A nice way to show all my followers and those from my bestie Barbarella darkrose (also an amazing blogster check her out) that I love them all … So from the bottom of my heart Thank you for following me these past years and till next stories ❤

For my bestie her flickr see:

Mother Nature's Choice

Kisses Ivy


Hello World

Hello world

Sometimes I get the question about how to get good clothes in SL for cheap prices … and one of the reasons I love SL too is that a lot of amazing creators do give groupgifts out. You pay a small amount of lindens to get in the group but the rewards are amazing …

By any change today I show two of them. The hair is by Truth called “Alias” and is the Vip groupgift for this month … A group I recommend to all ladies out there ❤ It is 1000 linden to get in the group but if you calculate when buying hair how much you pay this is a real deal!!!

And then the dress … I blogged a while ago an outfit I bought there at Monomania but when I was at their store I noticed this amazing groupgift. The dress is called “Eluna Nature” and can be worn on the regular body and the maitreya, slink, belleza and TMP mesh bodies. The group is a entering fee of 50 linden. Be sure to check it out and more groupgifts can be found at the main store…

Pose by Focus Poses called Focus Poses. Wild & Free VOL.2

Enjoy and till next time ❤


Wtf … Bro?

WTF bro

Wearing the MOoH! Mila swimsuit crochet witch is a limited time Marketplace only gift! So check it out and get your own version ❤

A new store release by Sam poses is the funny pose with bike and flying goose that my silly brother is doing … You can find “Goof Up” here on  SamPoses Marketplace or at the Maintore

Waves laughing … till next time all … Need to save my brother from the water 😉

Kisses Ivy


The seafood bar

Pfff … darn the heat is really getting me again … lucky enough I can wear this summerly [ LsR ] – Sexy Hilda dress witch is an  exclusive for the “sense event” See link below to get there:

The July round opened the 18th and the dress is 100% Original Mesh Including the mesh dress with a controler hud for 60 Textures [30 Plains 30 Patterns] Sizes suitable for the Legacy, Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis Freya ] and  Slink [ HourGlass ] mesh bodies. The are also single items available ‘ONE TEXTURE’ or live wild and enjoy the full options in the fatpack ❤

Also new is todays background decorations with are from the *paper moon* Nantucket gacha. This new gacha is at the mainstore and contains these amazing products you can see at the gacha key. I’m using today the *pm* Nantucket – Seafood sign, the *pm* Nantucket – Harbour Bell: Steel, the *pm* Nantucket – Shipwreck off Nantucket (painting), *pm* Nantucket – Hallowell’s Wheel: Brass RARE and the *pm* Nantucket – Oar: Red w/Blue & White stripe. Sail towards the main store and get your own goodies here:

Also used in the background are the uK – Helena White Marble Cabinet and the Fancy Decor: Model Ship

And last but not least we also have the new -KC- NAMIA WEDGES for the maitreya, belleza , slink, EVE and TMP mesh feet. these are as usual with the impressive 50 part texture hud and also an aditional 10 part texture hud for the straps. Available on marketplace here:

Till next time ❤



Music is a voice that needs to be heared…

Music is a voice

Wearing the new [ LsR ] – Sexy Lianne Undress Me Set witch is an exclusive for the “Tres Chic” event… The July round Opened the  17th and the sexy Lianne Undress Me Set is 100% original mesh and includes: Top and Skirt with an Undress Me hud 3 Styles and a texture hud (Top 30 Plains and 30 Patterns Textures- Skirt 30 Textures) You can wear this dress on Legacy, Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis Freya ] and  Slink [ HourGlass ] mesh bodies … At the event there are also single items available (‘ONE COLOR’Undress Me Styles) ❤ Get yours here:

Also new is the amazing background I have now … This Exclusive for Suicide Dollz Event is called “Music Speaks” This round runs from july 14th till july 26th and follow underneath link to get there:

Also wearing the -KC- SAMARA CALF BOOTS for MAITREYA BELLEZA SLINK TONIC (can be found on marketplace), [CV] – Nipple Cover [01] and as hair this time Magika – Victoria

Kisses Ivy

A Heros Quest is Suffering

A heroes quest is suffering ...

“Don’t you dare to laugh Orc … and take this crab of my feet… ouch ouch …”

And another round of new things has started giggles … And first we go back to the epiphany with [The Plastik] they have created an amazing Fantasy Kini called “Valin” for the maitreya, hourglass, freya and isis mesh bodies. This gacha has 26 commons and 5 rare items see the gacha key below … Enjoy playing and get yours ❤ Link to the epiphany here:


And then I want to tell you all about the funny pose “Owww Crab” by Sam Poses. This one is a new store release and contains a rezzable pad. Once on it you get the menu and the crab rezzes (carefull it is a nasty one lol) adjustable with the menu. Safe path towards sam poses mainstore here:

Other credits are my compagnions lol … the Fat Ork Trina (found on MP) and the H.O.W. Woman Wizard (also found on MP)

Ok lets continue our quest now … and tonight we eat crab …


You called M’lord?

You called m'lord

Here we go again … the new round of The epiphany has opened and darn did I see a lot of amazing goodies!!! One of them is this gorgious outfit by Horntail. This gacha with the name “Maku” contains 24 commons and 4 rares. Be sure to check it out here …

Pose is by Lil’bug called horses … a gacha full of rezzable horses with a pose this is common 4.

and the hair today is the new VIP groupgift by Truth… As always “Alias” comes with all the colour huds and a style hud 🙂

Kisses and till next time


Feeling Beachy

Feeling Beachy

Wearing the new group discount item from Mooh! And this week it is this lovely outfit “Delilah” in 10 colors for 50% discount, which is just 150L. From July 12th till  July 25th you can find this item at the main store. don’t forget to wear your grouptag.

Also new are the nice -KC- MEIKA HEELS for the MAITREYA, SLINK, BELLEZA and TONIC mesh feet with the additional 50 part texture hud. Available on marketplace here:

And last but not least we have the new backdrop from .:Joplino:. called “Cozy Beach” witch is an exclusive at “La vie en pose” The Event is open from  10 till the 25th of  july … Taxi to event:

Enjoy and till next time ❤


Active measures

Active measures

Wearing the new MONOMANIA outfit “Untouchable” witch is a store release so time to rush towards their store and find this amazing all included outfit (heels pants and both tops)

Also using the new backdrop from Foxcity called “The hangout (purple)”

Pose is by le poppycock called *provocatrice*”active measures”

The hair is an older one from truth called “Austen”

See you next time all