The seafood bar

Pfff … darn the heat is really getting me again … lucky enough I can wear this summerly [ LsR ] – Sexy Hilda dress witch is an  exclusive for the “sense event” See link below to get there:


The July round opened the 18th and the dress is 100% Original Mesh Including the mesh dress with a controler hud for 60 Textures [30 Plains 30 Patterns] Sizes suitable for the Legacy, Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis Freya ] and  Slink [ HourGlass ] mesh bodies. The are also single items available ‘ONE TEXTURE’ or live wild and enjoy the full options in the fatpack ❤

Also new is todays background decorations with are from the *paper moon* Nantucket gacha. This new gacha is at the mainstore and contains these amazing products you can see at the gacha key. I’m using today the *pm* Nantucket – Seafood sign, the *pm* Nantucket – Harbour Bell: Steel, the *pm* Nantucket – Shipwreck off Nantucket (painting), *pm* Nantucket – Hallowell’s Wheel: Brass RARE and the *pm* Nantucket – Oar: Red w/Blue & White stripe. Sail towards the main store and get your own goodies here:


Also used in the background are the uK – Helena White Marble Cabinet and the Fancy Decor: Model Ship

And last but not least we also have the new -KC- NAMIA WEDGES for the maitreya, belleza , slink, EVE and TMP mesh feet. these are as usual with the impressive 50 part texture hud and also an aditional 10 part texture hud for the straps. Available on marketplace here:


Till next time ❤



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