Hello World

Hello world

Sometimes I get the question about how to get good clothes in SL for cheap prices … and one of the reasons I love SL too is that a lot of amazing creators do give groupgifts out. You pay a small amount of lindens to get in the group but the rewards are amazing …

By any change today I show two of them. The hair is by Truth called “Alias” and is the Vip groupgift for this month … A group I recommend to all ladies out there ❤ It is 1000 linden to get in the group but if you calculate when buying hair how much you pay this is a real deal!!!


And then the dress … I blogged a while ago an outfit I bought there at Monomania but when I was at their store I noticed this amazing groupgift. The dress is called “Eluna Nature” and can be worn on the regular body and the maitreya, slink, belleza and TMP mesh bodies. The group is a entering fee of 50 linden. Be sure to check it out and more groupgifts can be found at the main store…


Pose by Focus Poses called Focus Poses. Wild & Free VOL.2

Enjoy and till next time ❤


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