The naughty witch

The naughty witch

“oops did my skirt move up during the spell…”

Using today in the picture:

*[ Focus Poses ] Witch craft room w/props witch you can find at the main store

* Tableau Vivant \\ Witch way – Athame – Reds. This one is a gacha item and still at their mainstore so good luck in getting yours ❤

* RAMA – College Bae Pleated Skirt ‘Black Onyx’ and RAMA – College Bae Satin Bomber ‘Black Onyx’ are both from the recent uber event (skirt has a touch to crawl up hud inside lol)

*-KC- ADRIANA HIGH SNEAKERS ( for MAITREYA SLINK BELLEZA TONIC) witch you can find on marketplace

* :[P]:- Occulti Rugs from The plastik (you can see two of them on the picture are the Rin and Sea versions) available at the mainstore together with other amazing fantasy stuff … and take a look at their gorgious skins … They are just stunning ❤

See you all next time … wiggles her nose 🙂


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