See not all magic is creepy …

See not all magic is creepy ...

At the latest round of the “Enchantment” event with King Arthur as theme MOoH! Is offering a cute gacha with wizardy goodies containing two rares and 13 nice commons. I am using the MOoH! Wizard cabinet RARE, Skull with candle red, Potion rack with owl RARE, Magic orb blue, Magic Mirror and the Alembic & Progression … the gacha is  50L for one try. The event runs from august 10 till september 1st. Follow the link below to get there …

Also at the Enchantment there is an amazing hunt! Come to the “Paper Moon” main store and find the sword in the stone and own one of the new *pm* Medieval Mystic robes! The hunt gift is the Emerald version, in both Masculine and Feminine fits. The Medieval Mystic robe comes in 3 sizes since they cover the whole body except for the feet and head. Fresh and Faded in each set. Faded has muted tones and dirt & weathering along the bottom hem.

And then we have this cute pose with sunflowers from Sam Poses. The pad contains 4 different poses (all with their mirror pose so 8 in total) and are adjustable thru the menu.

Sunflowers is a mainstore and marketplace release so both links are underneath:

Together all these incredible items made this magical moment … enjoy and till next time all …

Kisses Ivy

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