Fight to live another day …

Fight for another day

Time for another round of the lootbox event and this time I choose Luas their new gacha outfit as my blogging spotlight. This incredible apocalyptic outfit can be worn on the maitreya mesh body. The gacha is named “Dystopia” and is a joint aventure from Luas and BJK … Get your set complete here at the lootbox event 🙂

This amazing scenery is next to the Fairey poses store … an amazing place to take pictures set in an apocalyptic world.

Till tomorrow all … and then we’re going all witchy ❤


Autumn Walk

autumn walk

“I hope I can be the autumn leaf, who looked at the sky and lived. And when it was time to leave, gracefully it knew life was a gift.” by Dodinsky

Seasons come and go … but still the 2 most magical ones are spring and autumn  … the first becausse you can see nature wake up after a winter. And Autumn becausse of the beautiful changing of scenery in nature … the leafs changing their colour and ultimatly falling … it always makes me feel alive.

Today I’m wearing the new and very sexy Monomania outfit “Solitude” the onyx version (there is also a pearl version available). You can find these at the mainstore here:

The outfit contains the dress and boots for Maitreya, belleza and slink mesh bodies. The pose is from “Fashiowl Poses” and called “Buddy” a pack with 10 amazing poses with dog included. Found this one on marketplace 😉

Oh and last but not least is the very detailed and incredible nice backdrop from Minimal… it’s one of the two “berlin leaves corner”.  There is also a grafiti version and both are equally amazing. Be sure to check them out at the new round of uber!

Take care all and see you next time …




Today we have a lot of new things to blog so let us start quickly with the outfit.

I’m wearing the  [ LsR ] – Sexy Piper Dress witch is an exclusive for the kinky event that you can find here:

The september round will open on the 28th … The “Sexy Piper Dress” is 100% original mesh and includes the mesh option Dress & Panties with a controler hud for 60 textures [Fishnet and Plains] The dress is suitable for the Legacy, Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis Freya ] and Slink [HourGlass ] mesh bodies. At the event there are single items available ‘TWO TEXTURE’ or you can choose the Full Options that come with the FatPack. ❤

Also new are the amazing :[P]:- Perline Horns that you can find @ The seasons story. This amazing item from [The Plastik] come with incredible nice colour huds so be sure to choose your favorite or all of them lol. I combined the horns with an older skin from the same creator called “:[P]:- Elvenne Skin (Femme):// Currana” this one is available at the main store here:

Last new item is the backdrop from .:Joplino:. called “Trust” and this one is an exclusive at the Suicide Dollz Event… follow this URL to the event:

This event ends october 4th so be sure to check it out !!!

also in this picture are the .:KC:. ZEPHORA HIGH BOOTS for the SLINK, MAITREYA and BELLEZA mesh feet. And my hair is from “tram” ( H0531 hair / HUD-A)

Till next time all


Dia de los muertos

Dia de la muerte

Halloween is coming near again and here and there I can already see some creators take the chance to make a set for that amazing day. This time I went for a blog about the mexican counterpart. The day of the dead or like they so beautiful say “Dia de los muertos” and I used today a lot so lets get started …

First we have the amazing gacha from MOoH! called “Dia de los muertos” lol … You can find this incredible gacha at the TWE12VE event from Sept 12 till the 30th. MOoH! is offering a great gacha with Dias de los muertos masks and headpieces.​(I’m using the rare Mask/headpiece black) They are 50L for a spin on the gacha vendor. The event is having a birthday round so there will also be great 12L items. Go check it out here :

Secondly we have another great outfit by Monomania for the maitreya, belleza and slink mesh bodies. This time the outfit is called “Black cat” and contains pants, top, jacket and heels. Party towards the main shop here:

Then I also have ths great pose with skull from Samposes … this is one of the 3 poses you get when you buy the girl pack 3 at the main store (or marketplace) … all three are skulls included. Easy to use and adjust ❤ The samposes main store you can find here:

and last but not least my backdrop today is by Minimal and called the “Hacienda” and the nice chap next to me is from a gacha by Remarkeble oblivion called “Danse Funubre” (so is the banner above my head)

So thats all folks for today … we can’t wait until the halloween parties that are coming …

Hugs and kisses Ivy


Howdy …

Howdy there ...

Wearing the new amazing outfit by Monomania called “Stubborn Dark” witch is the store release so hurry and in the first 48 hours groupmembers pay less!!! This outfit also comes in Light version or jeans version. You can wear it on maitreya, belleza and slink mesh bodies ❤ Follow the path below for the mainstore:

Other credits are the cool Truth “Montana” hair (with hat) and the sim is from the waterhole club in sl … you can find the club on Xanadu

Take care all


How kinky are you?

How kinky are you

Wearing today the sexy “Leather Bodysuit “Dayana v2″ – Red/Black” from Pink Cherry. This outfit is available in 13 Color variations for the price for each being 179L$. Follow the link below to the main store:

The amazing boots are from -kc-couture called “Vissia” and are wearable on maitreya, slink and belleza mesh feet. You can find these amazing boots here on marketplace:

Pose is called “control” by reve obscura. and the backdrop is from The bearded guy called “How Kinky – Sensations Backdrops”

kisses Ivy


Stay in shape


Wearing the [ LsR ] outfit “Liah” witch is the new exclusive for the “Tres Chic ” event that opened the september round on the 17th. The [ LsR ] – Sexy Liah Set is 100% Original Mesh and includes Shirt and Leggins with a controler hud (30 Textures) You can wear this outfit on the Legacy, Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis Freya ] and Slink [ HourGlass ] mesh bodies. At the event you can choose between the single items available in ‘ONE COLOR’ or go for the  fatpack with full options. Path to the event here:

The cool sneakers are from -kc- couture called “-KC- JACY SNEAKERS” for  MAITREYA, BELLEZA, SLINK, EVE, TMP and TONIC mesh feet. Coming with the immense texture hud this is an amazing add on to every sports outfit. Find yours on marketplace here:

Other items in this blog are Sari-Sari – Skipping pose, ::TA Fitness Gym Kit, =Zenith=Towel Sport Bag (Rose) and LOP Backdrop GYM.

Till next time all ❤


Ice angel

Ice angel

“I close my eyes
Wish to sleep
At night, my dear, you look so sweet
Ice angel why are you so cold ?
My ice angel
It doesn’t matter what you said to me

I feel the coldness of your breath
I see the frozen light inside your face” by blutengel

This outfit is the new amazing store release from Monomania called “IceQueen” witch inspired me to make this picture on the tunes of Blutengel “Ice angel”. This outfit can be worn on maitreya, belleza and slink mesh bodies. The pack contains boots, dress, fur hat, fur collar and also the white hair! So rush towards the store and when you are in the group you can get a discount the first 48 hours!

The pose I have found on marketplace and is called “Bento # 166 Sensuality danger” and it includes both weapons a poseball and the pose itself.

Cold kisses …



Want some too?

Having a late night snack

Amazing pose and backdrop from Focus Poses. called “My Kitchen Backdrop” and the “Lead me to my fridge” These amazing poses are new at the Access! event that runs until october 8th. There are two pose packs ❤ Go check it out here …

The nice slippers are from -KC- couture and called “Tamy” You can wear them on maitreya, belleza, TMP and slink mesh feet. Comes with an impressive texture hud and can be found on marketplace here:

My lingerie set tonight is from Ricielli and called “Rayssa” also from the newest access round 😉

Kisses … want a piece?