Ssstttt little guy …

Ssst, little guy...

Todays credits for this nice futuristic scene are:

  • The incredible R2 K/E/N MUSA [GREEN SET] for the Maitreya mesh body witch you can find at the main store together with a lot of other amazing space outfits.
  • The mask is by AZOURY and called “Unbreakable Mask Onyx&Copper”
  • The arm is from a gacha named “Zhora Project” by {PSYCHO:Byts}. and is the “Robotical Arms RARE”
  • The pose inclusive riffle is from Le Poppycock their *Altered State* gacha and the “Human Revolution” common
  • above my head we have the “RO – Junkyard Dogs – Sarge” (gacha item)
  • in front of me (I got this one on marketplace) the “&BS& Smiling Robot”
  • And last but not least another amazing backdrop from The Bearded Guy and this time the  “Poisoned Room” from the  “SCI FI Backdrops Vol 2” gacha

And now time to play along and sneak around this station …

😉 Ivy

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