Dia de los muertos

Dia de la muerte

Halloween is coming near again and here and there I can already see some creators take the chance to make a set for that amazing day. This time I went for a blog about the mexican counterpart. The day of the dead or like they so beautiful say “Dia de los muertos” and I used today a lot so lets get started …

First we have the amazing gacha from MOoH! called “Dia de los muertos” lol … You can find this incredible gacha at the TWE12VE event from Sept 12 till the 30th. MOoH! is offering a great gacha with Dias de los muertos masks and headpieces.​(I’m using the rare Mask/headpiece black) They are 50L for a spin on the gacha vendor. The event is having a birthday round so there will also be great 12L items. Go check it out here :


Secondly we have another great outfit by Monomania for the maitreya, belleza and slink mesh bodies. This time the outfit is called “Black cat” and contains pants, top, jacket and heels. Party towards the main shop here:


Then I also have ths great pose with skull from Samposes … this is one of the 3 poses you get when you buy the girl pack 3 at the main store (or marketplace) … all three are skulls included. Easy to use and adjust ❤ The samposes main store you can find here:


and last but not least my backdrop today is by Minimal and called the “Hacienda” and the nice chap next to me is from a gacha by Remarkeble oblivion called “Danse Funubre” (so is the banner above my head)

So thats all folks for today … we can’t wait until the halloween parties that are coming …

Hugs and kisses Ivy


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