Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle

Sometimes I wonder how I can change some of my bad habbits in eating… but it is so hard to quit certain things like chocolat. So I had to find another way to get a little healthier life … So jogging it became laughs.

Wearing the -[ vagrant ]- Allison Leather Jacket – Black, -[ vagrant ]- Allison Shorts – Warm Pink, -[ vagrant ]- Allison Top – Warm Pink, -[ vagrant ]- Allison Headphones – Black and the -[ vagrant ]- Allison Music Player – Unrigged (GIFT) for maitreya, belleza and legacy mesh bodies. These items can be found at the mainstore here:

To complete my outfit I looked for some fitting sneakers and I got these amazing ones from [ LsR Shoes ] called the “Tricia Sneakers and Socks” with an amazing colour hud and an option to hide the socks. You can find them at the mainstore and there is a 20 percent discount for groupmembers so wear your tag ❤

Kisses and till next time all

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