Red Death

Red death

Los Angeles 2143 AD

The police has been replaced by body hunters… The most dangerous of them all is Red Death. Beware…

It is time for the Black Friday bazaar which runs from Nov 22th till Dec 1st. MOoh! has for the occasion 2 Sets of shiny pants with color change huds. You can change the base and pockets. MOoH! Sammy pants dark can be worn on Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink mesh bodies. They are 50% discounted just for the event, which is only 99L.

Also wearing the “%.:EC:. Bag Drift-Team Sneakers”, the “Scandalize. Libra. Red”, and the visor is the “Xeno – Tactical Visor”

The backdrop is called “Stardust” from Varonis and the scooter is from #hashbang! their “Hover Scooter” gacha (It is the Jet Black common item)

Till next time


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