A little break for a smoke

A little break

Wearing today the stylish Monomania outfit “Trouble” fitting name for me … laughs witch you can find at their main store. This gem can be worn on Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies. It includes the jumpsuit, jacket, and flat boots.


Also new is this amazing backdrop based on the stairs from the latest DC movie “Joker” witch exist for real and now have a lot of people going there to take the same iconic pictures. Thanks to Minimal you can do that in SL also … available at Uber.


Pose is called “insomnia 1” from Foxcity and can be bought on Marketplace in the box with the same name 7 poses with props included.

Kisses and enjoy the end of the year …


Time to celebrate…

Happy New Year

The clock is getting closer and closer to midnight … and a new year is getting nearer. Time to open the champagne and getting ready to party into that year that hopefully will bring a lot of joy and happiness …

For that party tonight I wore the new  [ LsR ] – Sexy Africka Jumpsuit witch is the exclusive for the “Kinky Event” that starts the December round the 28th… so get ready for one of the last big events on SL!!! Get kinky and naughty here:


The “Africka Jumpsuit” fatpack is 100% original mesh and includes the JumpSuit and the Chains Belt [Golden & Silver] and the pumps. When buying single textures you still have the option to buy the pumps as a fatpack at the event. The controller hud contains 30 PVC Textures and the dress is wearable on Legacy, Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis Freya ] and, Slink [HourGlass ] mesh bodies.

Also in this picture are the **RE** LUX Liana – Set – (necklace and earring), the **RE** Exene Rings & Claws, the Stealthic – Purity  hair, the BackBone Winter Bar Cart, the anxiety %quebec hall and the *!R.O!* Celebrate BENTO Pose (including Mesh Bottle & Glasses)

Big kisses and till next blog ❤


Even Santa can use some “witchy” help …

Even Santa needs some witchy help

Until the end of the year, Paper Moon is one of the creators at the “Winter Hollows” event with two items … one of them I used today in my blog so let me introduce you to the famous *pm* Haunted Woods Witch Set that got a makeover for the winter season. Two snow-covered stickmen, snowy rock piles, and frosted handprints! A Winter’s Hollow Exclusive! Follow my brooms tail light to the event …


Outfit today is from the Reign gacha “return of the coven” which is still available at their main store.


And the nice flowers in my hair are also from Paper Moon and called *pm* Wildflower Garland: Snow & Petal. See their main store for these.


Merry Christmas to all …

Kisses Ivy



Not Tonight Santa

Not Tonight Santa

“No Santa this morning
I guess my note got through
I told him, quit calling
‘Cause all I want is you

Gotta get a minute
Gotta get you on your own
Your baby sister’s sleeping
And your daddy’s on the phone

I’m sure you’re hiding something hot
You wanna give to me
And not another pair of socks from
Underneath the tree

Oh, oh, you give me something I could never
Get from Santa Claus, baby
Oh, oh, I’ll let you peep inside my stocking
If you show me yours” from Girls Aloud

Today we go for some hotness with the NEW store release from .:Joplino:. called “Xmas girl” and during the Christmas sale, the price is 50% off. These 5 sexy poses are coming with the coat included. So head over to the .:Joplino:. main store and get into the holidays’ mood:


Also new is the gorgeous :[P]:- Hannah Bulbtrees & Ornaments witch comes with an impressive texture hud and are amazing to decorate your place ❤ See the main store from [The Plastik] for a lot of amazing items and some fantastic fantasy skins…


And … the girls are singing about socks so these are also new in this picture lol … At the “The naughty list” event that runs from Dec 14th till  Dec 31st “MOoH!” is offering a selection of soft thigh socks that can be worn with most Maitreya, Slink and Belleza high heels. There are 3 versions of the Allison socks available (Dark, Light and, Basic) The event takes place here:


Also in this picture are the SAYO Sin – Crimson Dreams Backdrop, the [Kres] Naughty Box and, “LEMME… My fav toy”

And tonight I am wearing the “Ricielli – Saray Lingerie Red” and the hair is from “Stealthic” called “Purity”

So I think it is time to close the curtains … Till next time all ❤


No boys allowed

Ladies Night 2

“It’s the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have the time.”

Just for this weekend the backdrop “Live show” from .:Joplino:. is there for 50 Lindens so hurry and get this amazing neon-lighted scenery at the main store before the price goes back up again … where you ask? Follow the path below …


Today I’m wearing the gorgeous new HORNTAIL bodysuit “aya” that you can find at the main store here:


also wearing are the cuffs and leg harness from the *Vanilla Bae* Aleriah Harness Set, the MINA Hair – DoMina and, the [ abrasive ] Passion Strap-On.

Next to me and in the backdrop are two racks from Lemme a nice store for us bad girls 😉 These are the “LEMME…Fetish Rack // Dark” and the “LEMME… I’m a bad girl // RARE”

The smoking pose comes from Réve Obscura and is called “Break” and can be found in the marketplace.

And now it is time to party hard and crazy ladies …


Merry Cyber Christmas

Merry Christmas 2020

It’s time to be jolly … lalala … sings loudly on the Christmas tunes the radio plays. And how can you do that better than with a new outfit …

So today I went for the new [ LsR ] – Sexy Shazzy Wool Dress witch is exclusive for the “Tres Chic” event this December that opened the 17th  This “Sexy Shazzy Wool Dress” is sold as a  Big Fatpack Including the mesh option sweater fat pack and the boots fat pack. You can buy also the boots fat pack Separately. The sweater is with controller hud (60 Wool Textures) and can be worn on Legacy, Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis Freya ], and  Slink [ HourGlass ] mesh bodies. single sweaters available with two wool textures… The Tres Chic can be found here:


Also in this picture are the “RO – Junkyard Dogs – Zero” as my companion,  the “VARONIS – Surveyor Skybox”, the “A.W.A. Prosthetic Hands (KEMONO edition)” and “-DRD- geekmania – cybernetic face”.

The pose was from [Focus Poses] called “Merry & Bright 4”

And with this blog, I wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful end of the year … Kisses and love ❤


Hi, my feathered friend …

Hi my feathered friend.jpg

Wearing the new MONOMANIA outfit called  “Warm Me Up Light” that is the latest store release. This incredible outfit is for the Maitreya, Belleza and, Slink mesh bodies. Shoes, pants, top and, coat are included in the package. Follow the snowy path below to the store …


The cool backdrop is from (Milk Motion) and called “La trattoria Alley” coming in two versions. Available at the main store here:


The pose is from a gacha by Le Poppycock called *peace* and is the common “Kinship”… See this and other gorgeous gacha at the main store:


Thank you all for reading … and till next blog

❤ Ivy


Morning battle

Wearing the new and hot outfit from Monomania called “NoName Moss” witch can be worn on Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies. Boots, tag, skirt, and top are included! So head on over to the main store of Monomania and check out this outfit or one of the other gorgeous outfits.


It has been a while since I blogged something from #Cranked# but this time I just had to buy this one lol … the backdrop “Army Sand” is just an amazing addition to every army themed picture. You can find it until December 24th at the “Look event” here:


The pose is Le Poppycock *Lawless* Deviltry and comes with the included rifle, my helmet is from a !go! gacha called 2067 and the airplane is from [ContraptioN] called the “Pin-Up Spitfire Prop”…

Till next time everyone

Kisses Ivy

It’s not a dream, come unwrap your gift ❤

It's not a dream come unwrap your gift 3

Time for a hot Christmas with the “[ LsR ] – Sexy Dita Body” which is an exclusive for the Fameshed X December round that opened Dec 10th.  The  “Dita Body Fatpack” is 100% original mesh and includes the Body with a controller hud with 90 Textures. You can wear it on the Legacy, Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis Freya ], and Slink [HourGlass ] mesh bodies. Single Items are also available at the event ‘ONE TEXTURE’ or you can choose for the full options in the Fat Pack… Look here for the Fameshed X hotness ❤


Also new but at the “Driftwood” event the runs from Dec 5 till Jan 5 is this “A lovely Christmas” gacha for all your decorations in this festive time. MOoH! has created another superb gacha and it is only 50L a try. I’m using the MOoH! Nutcracker, the MOoH! Wood Xmas tree, the MOoH! Xmas gifts, the MOoH! Wood angel heart and two times the MOoH! Wood toy deer. Magical pathway to the event :


Then the wonderful backdrop from .:Joplino:. made this scene even more magical… I love the colors in this one making it a warm cozy place. The backdrop “It Was All A Dream” can be found at the new main store here:


The pose is from Réve Obscura and called “*!R.O!* Candy Lick” and comes with candy cane included. You can find this pose on marketplace. The lovely lights are from *CK* and called “Sexy Xmas lights” also found on marketplace.

And the last brand new item was the “West Village Naughty Things Tray” from Apple fall standing on the bed.

Hope you have a wonderful end of the year and be sure to enjoy yourself with your friends and family…

Kisses Ivy


Things will never be the same

Things will never be the same

“Lay it down, pull my heart to the ground,
Time’s getting cold now the leaves all turn hard and blue
And I know when I gaze to the sun, no place to hide
I got nowhere to run from you, away from you

Hold me now,
girl, I don’t know when,
when we will ever meet again.
That was then,
baby, this is now,
I try to get over you.
Losing you…
Things will never be the same.
Can you hear me call your name?
If we changed it back again
things would never be…

In your hand,
babe, I don’t understand,
you’ve got the eyes of a child
but you hurt like a man
always do, always do.
Touch…” by Roxette

In remembrance of Marie Fredriksson… her music made my childhood so much better when I felt down. I will miss you ❤

In this picture I used from [The plastik] the “:[P]:- Celene Tapestries” a nice package of 17 gorgeous tapestries to decorate your wall. All having a different message on them 😉 and also the sweet candle in front of me is by them. The “:[P]:- Coila Candle” has 3 versions inside (two wearable and one deco) and has an incredible big texture hud… The candle can be found together with a lot of other season fitting creations at the “Tannenbaum Holiday Market” from November 23 till December 20


Today I am wearing the “Tres Blah – Love Fade Robe – Rosey” and the hair is from Truth called “Gaea”
The pose is included (5 poses in the menu) in the window and from Lil’Bug … still available on the marketplace.


Big hugs and till next blog…