Return to the Flamingo Bar

The Flamingo Bar new

I already miss the summer … so I took the first Second life flight back to tropical places. Wearing my new summerly Monomania outfit called “Harmony Juice”

This new outfit can be found at the main store in three different versions. The package has the Top, Shorts, and Flats for the Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies. So hurry and get your own cute version of the set…

I combined the outfit with the cool summer hat from Mina called “MINA – Carian Sunhat – Reds” witch can be found at her store here:

Also in this picture are two funny flamingo’s from MOoH! it’s Tropical gacha these are the “MOoH! Flamingo Cocktail sign” and the “MOoH! Flamingo tray pink” And these and other amazing gacha can be found at the main store. A great store to check out!!!

And the background today was also flamingo styled laughs … and it this time from “The Bearded Guy” and called “This Summer *Limited*” and is at the main store ❤

So time to return to the cold and wet hometown…

Kisses Ivy

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