Things will never be the same

Things will never be the same

“Lay it down, pull my heart to the ground,
Time’s getting cold now the leaves all turn hard and blue
And I know when I gaze to the sun, no place to hide
I got nowhere to run from you, away from you

Hold me now,
girl, I don’t know when,
when we will ever meet again.
That was then,
baby, this is now,
I try to get over you.
Losing you…
Things will never be the same.
Can you hear me call your name?
If we changed it back again
things would never be…

In your hand,
babe, I don’t understand,
you’ve got the eyes of a child
but you hurt like a man
always do, always do.
Touch…” by Roxette

In remembrance of Marie Fredriksson… her music made my childhood so much better when I felt down. I will miss you ❤

In this picture I used from [The plastik] the “:[P]:- Celene Tapestries” a nice package of 17 gorgeous tapestries to decorate your wall. All having a different message on them 😉 and also the sweet candle in front of me is by them. The “:[P]:- Coila Candle” has 3 versions inside (two wearable and one deco) and has an incredible big texture hud… The candle can be found together with a lot of other season fitting creations at the “Tannenbaum Holiday Market” from November 23 till December 20

Today I am wearing the “Tres Blah – Love Fade Robe – Rosey” and the hair is from Truth called “Gaea”
The pose is included (5 poses in the menu) in the window and from Lil’Bug … still available on the marketplace.

Big hugs and till next blog…



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