Books are the portals of our souls …

Books are portals to the soul ...

I always loved books … even when I was young reading was a big part of my life. Books of Ronald Dahl, Stephen King and many more were devoured by my hungry eyes and imagination. Also, the translations of American comics (I still have a huge collection) couldn’t survive my everlasting urge of fantasy worlds. Now I still read a lot but more comics and like they say in french “Bande dessinée” (Series like Tintin, Lucky Luke, and many others) … Darn I still need a good spot to place my collection of 3500 books lol

So yes I wanted to blog this gorgeous “Grimoire Fontane & Life” from [The plastik] Contains blue and green books for under each arm. Once you add it your arm takes the right pose. The staff I use today is also from the same amazing store and from their “Adria” gacha. It is one of the RARE items in it and comes with a color hud. Want to dive also in the fantasy world of [The Plastik]? Follow the stars below to their main store …

Other items in this picture are the KraftWork backdrop “The Book of Dreams”, the =Zenith=Time Traveler Dress with Belt (Milk) for the Maitreya mesh body and the “Birdy – Little Witch – Floaty Book – White” (this is also a gacha item)

And for now … I would say take a good book and get through the portal of your imagination ❤

Kisses Ivy


Afrodite … Bringer of Joy <3

Afrodite ... Bringer of Joy ...

February is lurking around the corner so a lot of the inworld stores are working on their Valentine creations … So the next week a lot of events will be full of love ❤ One of these stores already brought their “Valentine light” outfit which you can find at their main store.  I’m wearing the included Top, Skirt, HighShoes, Wings, Dart and Cupid that you can use on Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies. (The Cupid is worn on the shoulder but as you can see you can edit it to fly around you ;-)) Monomania can be found here:

The backdrop this time is from Paparazzi and called “Love scene 3” and the pose is from Réve Obscura and comes with Scales included. All the naughtiness falling from them are by different stores (some were even free)

So make love, not war … and enjoy every moment with your partner 😉 On to a hot steamy valentine …

Hugs Ivy


Welcome to the Jungle … Called Life

Welcome to the Jungle ... Called Life

Sometimes I wonder … are we so much better off living in a city. Or is this just a jungle made of stone and metals. If I see how humanity sometimes reacts …We’re not that much better than animals… with one difference. They act out of instinct and if I look at the people leading this world … I presume in their case they act out of stupidity. The circus with the impeachment shows how much we are relying on clowns… We can be so much more and when we bond together we could reach a lot easier our goals.

Wearing today the Monomania outfit “Malicious Dark” witch you can wear on Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies… This set is including the boots, jacket, and bra. Hop over to the main store here:

The cool backdrop “Welcome to The Jungle” is another creation by “The Bearded Guy” and can be found at the main store here:

The pose today is from Réve Obscura and called “Rough Night” and comes with cigarette included. I bought this set on the marketplace ❤

So back to being my own kind of beast … lol…

Kisses Ivy

Jailhouse Joy

Jailhouse Joy

Wearing the sexy “Vivi” outfit from Horntail. This 4 part sexy jail outfit can be worn on Maitreya and the bra and panties come in a lot of different colors… Go check them out at the main store where also other fun and cool creations can be found ❤

The backdrop with neon light is from “House of Shade” and called “The Big House” This cool photo booth can be found on the marketplace here :

The toy is “My favorite toy” from Lemme (lol that sentence sounded funnier then I thought)

And my sneakers today are from [ LsR Shoes ] and called the “Tricia Sneakers and Socks” I’m not wearing the socks right now but both shoes and socks can be changed color by hud… really amazing ❤

So now time to have some time for myself … See you when I’m free again lol

Kisses Ivy

At the bookstore

At the bookstore

Wearing the gorgeous [ LsR ] – Sexy Laury Dress which is the exclusive at the Sense event this January that opened on the 18th. The [ LsR ] ” Sexy Laury Dress Fatpack” is 100% original mesh and includes the full mesh optioned wool dress [The boots are included in the Big Fatpack or you can buy the Fatpack of the boots separately ] with a controller hud for 30 wool textures. You can wear this dress on the Legacy, Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis Freya ] and Slink [ HourGlass ] mesh bodies. At the event, there are also single items available with ‘ONE TEXTURE’ ❤

Till next time everyone and enjoys your weekend ❤


Seize Them!

Seize Them

Time for a new addition in my fantasy styled blogging ❤ Today I bring you the amazing .:Joplino:. pose set “Lioness” containing 5 cool poses with props. This set is an exclusive new item at the “FlashShot Event” that started  January 10th and will end on January 31st


I placed the setting today in the Foxcity backdrop called “Lost City” to give it a nice medieval feeling. You can find this photo booth at the main store here:

And my ermmm rather skinny friends lol… they are from [HarshLands] and come as a big package with 9 different skeletons in their “[HL] Skeletal Legion” box. You can find them on the marketplace or the main store here:

My outfit is a combination from 2 gacha outfits … the FDD *Huntress* and the Moon Elixir *Valhalla* ones ❤

Keep fantasy alive … kisses


Space Wars

Space wars

One of the events I always adore is the epiphany. Dozens of amazing designers creating cool stuff for us all … This time I chose to play the “:oushk” Enigma 77 gacha and played it until I had this incredible grey outfit together. All 4 items are commons and easy to find (maybe even on the marketplace)… Check it out yourself or go look at all the other great designers at the Epiphany ❤

The cool cyber background today is called “Cryo Cabs” and from the “SCI-FI Backdrops Vol 2” made by the talented “The Bearded Guy” brand. The pose is from -Aeon- called “Swords 01” (is a box of 5 amazing poses with sword)

Back to the fight … hehehe

Kisses Ivy

Miami Spice

Miami Spice

Wearing the new creation from Monomania called “Fashionista Dark” which you can find at the main store. This outfit contains the pants, top and boots for the Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies. Take a seat in my car and I bring you to the store 😉

Today I’m also wearing the “.:KC:. VOGUE FEMALE SUNGLASSES” found on MP and the Sari-sari “Mini Cassette Player” (includes bento poses hud)

The car is called “[Con.] Best Xmas present ever” and is a gacha item, The backdrop is from “taikou” and called “Gaien market backdrop”  and last but not least is the pose including the lollipop by Foxcity called “Sweet tooth 5”

So time to head back into the winter sun … Kisses and till next time all ❤


Street Soccer


Time for a little one on one match tonight… I’m wearing the cool “[ LsR ] – Sexy Dangerous Suit” that you can find as a fatpack for the “Vanity Event”. This January round opened the 5th so be sure to check this great exclusive item out at the event. The “[ LsR ] – sexy dangerous suit” fatpack is 100% original mesh and includes the top and leggings (the shoes are included in the “Big Fatpack” or you can buy the shoes fatpack separately) with a controller hud (Shirt 30 Textures) Wearable on the Legacy, Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis Freya ] and, Slink [HourGlass ] mesh bodies. You can also buy single items with one texture.

The cool soccer pose “Goal” is from Sam Poses and can be found on the marketplace or at their main store here. The pose comes as a rezzable pad and once on it the ball rezzes (adjustable)

Till next time … kisses


It always has been you …

It always has been you

“That I love and what brings me into heaven …”

Wearing the new MONOMANIA outfit called “Proud of Herself Light” which is a new store release. This amazing outfit is also available in Dark and Choco versions and is wearable on Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies. Fly yourself to the Monomania store here:

Everyone likes pictures as memories… and how better than to show them in a nice way right. So at the new TWE12VE event that started Jan 12 and runs till the 31st MOoH! is offering a great gacha called “gacha machines”. There are three colors in every pack that you can tint or use as they are. You can use them in your store, or also as a vendor. A gacha script is included and you can choose to play the “transfer” or “copy” version. ​They are 50L a try.

The backdrop today is by “The bearded guy” and called “Angel Caido”

Till next time all ❤ kisses Ivy