Is this the place?

Is this the place

Wearing the new group gift from  SCANDALIZE. called “Lairy. Black” which you can find at the main store. At the same time LSR Moda brought out their group gift and that one are boots fitting this outfit. So be sure to head over and join both groups … ❤ I placed the path to both stores underneath 😉

New is also the gorgeous hair “Paula” from Doux … This new creation you can find at the Level event here:

And today I chose the new backdrop from Paparazzi called “Neon Nightclub 3” found on the “Equal 10” event here:

Pose is called “Glitz 1” from the package with the same name at Foxcity ❤

Okay, time to head into the club and dance the weekend away …

Kisses Ivy


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