Undying Love

The circles of hell

Fantasy in it’s purest form … This new creation from [The Plastik] is for the newest round of the epiphany that starts January 15. This incredible gacha called “Variella” is wearable on Maitreya mesh bodies and contains 26 commons and 6 Rare items ❤ Be sure to go get a look at the Epiphany for this and other amazing creations ❤


Or find it on the mirror sim here:


Also new is this very beautiful backdrop from Minimal that is an exclusive for the Equal 10 event. This very detailed backdrop is called “Achelois” and can be found here:


The pose is by Le poppycock and called *Nyctophilia* Beautiful Bones and is a gacha item still at the main store. Very easy to use poses and no rezzing needed ❤ just wear the skeleton and the pose get activated.


Till next time everyone …

Kisses Ivy

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