Seize Them!

Seize Them

Time for a new addition in my fantasy styled blogging ❤ Today I bring you the amazing .:Joplino:. pose set “Lioness” containing 5 cool poses with props. This set is an exclusive new item at the “FlashShot Event” that started  January 10th and will end on January 31st


I placed the setting today in the Foxcity backdrop called “Lost City” to give it a nice medieval feeling. You can find this photo booth at the main store here:

And my ermmm rather skinny friends lol… they are from [HarshLands] and come as a big package with 9 different skeletons in their “[HL] Skeletal Legion” box. You can find them on the marketplace or the main store here:

My outfit is a combination from 2 gacha outfits … the FDD *Huntress* and the Moon Elixir *Valhalla* ones ❤

Keep fantasy alive … kisses


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