Books are the portals of our souls …

Books are portals to the soul ...

I always loved books … even when I was young reading was a big part of my life. Books of Ronald Dahl, Stephen King and many more were devoured by my hungry eyes and imagination. Also, the translations of American comics (I still have a huge collection) couldn’t survive my everlasting urge of fantasy worlds. Now I still read a lot but more comics and like they say in french “Bande dessinée” (Series like Tintin, Lucky Luke, and many others) … Darn I still need a good spot to place my collection of 3500 books lol

So yes I wanted to blog this gorgeous “Grimoire Fontane & Life” from [The plastik] Contains blue and green books for under each arm. Once you add it your arm takes the right pose. The staff I use today is also from the same amazing store and from their “Adria” gacha. It is one of the RARE items in it and comes with a color hud. Want to dive also in the fantasy world of [The Plastik]? Follow the stars below to their main store …

Other items in this picture are the KraftWork backdrop “The Book of Dreams”, the =Zenith=Time Traveler Dress with Belt (Milk) for the Maitreya mesh body and the “Birdy – Little Witch – Floaty Book – White” (this is also a gacha item)

And for now … I would say take a good book and get through the portal of your imagination ❤

Kisses Ivy


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