Oh, my head …

Oh My head ...

Pffff … I shouldn’t have had so much to drink last night. I see pink elephants and flying pigs… Hmmm, they look very real thou …

And yes they are real !!! So time to step towards the “Imaginarium” event that starts tomorrow  March 1 and runs until the 28th. MOoH! is having there an adorable gacha with all kinds of fantasy animals flying, rolling and strolling around. It’s 50L a try for the amazingly done “Happy Trippin” called gacha containing 11 common and 2 rare items… Collect yours here…


The bedroom backdrop is called “Crimson Dreams Backdrop” from Sayo Sin… So Time to take something for the headache … oh right this is the pose from Réve Obscura called “Pills” from the marketplace and comes with mesh bottle and lit included 😉

Enjoy and till next time all


When Mom Is Gone …

When mom is gone ...

“Kids do the funniest things on vacation … isn’t that right bro 🙂 Laughs one thing is certain when we fall we will float …”

I’m wearing the new Horntail exclusive for the Harajuku event this February… “Banana Life” is an amazing unisex gacha with 26 commons and 3 rare banana outfits to have fun with. See the Seraphim website for more info about the event and the gacha key … Looks around lucky no Minions around … have fun and go bananasssss ❤

Harajuku! Don’t Mind If I Do!

But I also put my brother in a floatie because this isn’t the first time Horntail makes these funny outfits. He is wearing the Hero inflatable from a previous gacha that you can find at the main store of Horntail… Good luck in playing for your favorite one 😉


The surf pose today is from “*~* Y’s Art&Poses” and called  “Surfing Together 4” which is easily found on the marketplace…

So that was it for today … time to have a good laugh and you know the party is never over 😉

Kisses Ivy



Lights around the world

Lights around the world

Together unstoppable,
Fully recharged and burning
So bright.
Overload every wire
Falling so fast,
It’s lightening
I can feel your
Voltage heartbeat
We’ll escape from the lies
Off the grid this time
And at this moment
We’re electric
Power surge in your eyes
Lights around the world
Come alive” by Craig Connelly

Wearing the [ LsR ] – Sexy Yara Set which is an exclusive for the new round of the “Kinky Event” this February round Opening the 28th /The “Yara” Set is 100% original mesh and contains the top, leggings & Belt [The heels are included in the Big Fatpack at the event] with a controller hud (42 Textures + Bonus Hud 8 Leather Textures) Wearable on the Legacy, Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis Freya ], and Slink [HourGlass ] mesh bodies. Also single items available in one color. Also, the heels are sold separately. Find the event here:


And then from [The Plastik], I’m wearing those incredible sparklerings named “Sinaptra” this pack includes 14 rings and a superb hud to change the texture of the ring and the sparkles. More amazing stuff can be found at the main store. Be sure to check it out also with the coming Fantasy Faire 2020!


the backdrop today is the #hashbang! – Neon Photo Backdrop – Pixel Dark from a gacha.

Kisses ivy … and last but not least enjoy this amazing song ❤


Astral Bounty Hunters

Astral Bounty Hunters

Almost everyone has seen the Mandalorian by now … and the idea of bounty hunters trying to catch people is a very rich ground to make a blog … So I found myself a worthy companion, and we started our own business together. After boarding the class – A frater Starflight, my droid started to sweep the ship in search of our prey … “You know it CK … dead or alive.”


Wearing today the cute leather “Trouble” outfit from Monomania which can be found at the main store. Included are the boots, jacket, and jumpsuit for the Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies.

Also wearing the tram H0531 hair, the :::SOLE::: “SA – Headset VOSTARS” and the {PSYCHO:Byts} Cyberneon Destiny – CyberLegs (gacha item)

The backdrop is from the new gacha by The bearded Guy called “Deutschland” and is the common “Astro travel” This gacha can be found at the “Mancave” event.


And my ground sweeping companion I found on the marketplace and is called [COD] Predator Drone.

Kisses and till next time


You guide my hand …

You guide my hand ...

“Wandering hands and
wondering thoughts
make sleep
I wonder
what the
rise and fall
of your breathing chest
would feel like
under my cheek,
or how
your strong arms
would hold my body.” by Natalee Diane Ricks

Showing off the cute collection from Reign called “Peter the Penis” including a sweet pj for girls, Shorts for him and her, plushies, slippers, lamps and so much more… See the main store for them all ❤


The “Adele” Poof with 5 poses (and their mirror poses) is an exclusive from Sam Poses at the anniversary round of the pose fair that will celebrate its 10th birthday so gifts at every booth!! Pose fair opens the 7th of march. The event ground can be found here:


Also in this picture are the [VO.Z] Love Is Life (Pink) backdrop, the LEMME… My fav toy and from Backbone the sweet but naughty “Kiss & Tell Toy Case – Red”

Kisses and till next time,


The battle of existence

Battle for existance

Sometimes you stumble on amazing creative items… When I was at the Equal 10 event this month I bought myself an outfit from Lunar … I really loved the texture and the clothes so much I was curious why I didn’t hear more of that store. It seems the store is fairly new and I even had another outfit from them. So I was triggered to find more … I couldn’t find the main store but if you go to “marketplace” you can find most of the items they have sold by now. One of them is this incredible Miki outfit. There is the Miki track pants and the Miki bodysuit with top sold separately. you can choose one colour or go for a fatpack… The bodysuit can be sheer like in the picture or changed in fishnet or opaque.

Other items are the “Old school Locker Room” backdrop from Paparazzi, the -David Heather- Sports Drinks, the “Black Cats poses”  Punchtime Break (female version) and the -KC- Danika sneakers… Most of the items can be found on marketplace also…

Thank you all to joining me in my battle for existence …

Kisses Ivy ❤

Hi there little furball

Hey little furball

Ahhh time for a little vacation … and not only for me and Azu. We brought also my little zoo (sorry hubby lol I know you call them that)… I love cats and dogs a lot so my places in SL mostly are crowded by them giggles.

Last time we spoke of the “Flashshot event” and the backdrop from .:Joplino:. but this time from the same event we have the cute “Fur baby” pose from Sam Poses. This rezzable pad is easy to work with and once on it, the cat rezzes in your hands. The pose is also adjustable through the menu. This pose can be found here at the event that started Feb 16th…


Picture has been taking on a relaxing surf sim called “Isla de Amores” For people that like a tropical setting is this adult sim a good place to stay. Come check it out here:


Today’s bikini is the *Vanilla Bae* {Beach Bae} Bikini from the “Lootbox” event a while ago but I guess by now this gacha will be at the main store …

Time for a cocktail … and a glass of milk ❤

Kisses Ivy

Every animal has its story …

Farm life ...

So let us listen to this little guy 🙂

Showing off the new exclusive backdrop from .:Joplino:. at the “FlashShot Event” that started February 16th and runs till February 28th. You have two different versions of this “Farm” backdrop (one with cows and the one I use with horses) You can find the event here:

URL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Southern%20Marvel/208/95/2501

The amazing pose you see with the duck and the barrel is from Le poppycock and can be found on the latest round of the Enchantment that brings the magic of fairytales to life. This month they celebrate the tale of the “Princess Bride” running from Feb. 8 to March 3rd.


Today I’m dressed as a cowgirl and wear from Truth the “Jill” hairstyle. And as for clothing, I chose the “Addams // Catalina Overall Short // White”, the “Addams // Rita Top w/Buttons // Black” and the boots are from -KC- Couture and called “Dallas boots”

So time to chill and listen to my feathered friend …

Kisses Ivy


I put a spell on you …

I put a spell on you

Wearing the new Monomania “Tribal heart dark” outfit which is a store release and can be found at the main store. The outfit includes the bodySuit, the hood (Up or Down) & the amazing tribal boots. Wearable on Belleza, Maitreya and Slink mesh bodies.


The backdrop today is the Varonis “Sombre” skybox which you can find at the main store … This incredible dark-themed gem is really nice for all medieval pictures.


The gorgeous pose is from [Focus Poses] and one of the “The Magic Circle” pack. It includes all props and poses …

So time to put a spell on you …

Kisses Ivy

Hopelessly Romantic

Hopelessly romantic

Oh yes, I am … a hopelessly romantic soul. Still believing in a knight on a white horse. Enjoying a nice romantic movie… It doesn’t make it easy for guys to seduce me because my heart thrives on chivalry. Even thou some think it doesn’t, Chivalry is still alive and well in modern-day society. … These traditional stereotypes are now outdated and chivalry has evolved to reflect modern-day values. Having good manners, being polite, considerate, making an effort with your partner’s family and keeping the house clean are the new rules of being a gentleman. Lucky in SL I have such a partner and no one can ever replace him. And once he conquered my heart he survived my naughtiness lol … another good reason to keep him around ❤

Wearing today is the [ LsR ] – Sexy Marianne Lingerie which is exclusive for the “Fameshed X” event. The February round opened yesterday the 11th. This Sexy Marianne Lingerie Fatpack is 100% original mesh and includes the body and garter with 2 controller huds (42 Textures). It can be worn on the Maitreya, Legacy, Belleza [ Isis Freya ] and Slink [ HourGlass ] mesh bodies. There are at the event single items available in ‘ONE TEXTURE’ [ Included Hud Change colors Bow ]. Fameshed X can be found here:


In the meanwhile, Valentine’s Day is sneaking upon us and with that the promise of Spring. Second Life’s Shop & Hop is gathering together stores on the grid, plopping them into a mall and offering discounts and gifts! That’s right, every store is offering a free gift and items are at a discount!

Paper Moon will have most of their Spring and Love themed items at the event and marked down 25% off while at the event! And their gift will be 4 Framed Vintage Valentines – Blacksmith Cupids of which you can see two behind me on the wall. Valentine’s Shop & Hop runs from February 6th till February 23rd, and the link below is direct to their booth, the event is 4 sims long! Wear your mall walking shoes.


And then we have this funny jar of Notella (rofllll I love how they come up with these names) I got this and the sweet (but naughty) sleep mask from the latest equal 10 event. Both are from lavish and can be found there at an economical price … Be sure to check the event out ❤


The backdrop is from Foxcity called “Cozy Bedroom (Colour Pop)” See their main store for this warm-colored bedroom photo booth ❤

So on to the next … kisses