The battle of existence

Battle for existance

Sometimes you stumble on amazing creative items… When I was at the Equal 10 event this month I bought myself an outfit from Lunar … I really loved the texture and the clothes so much I was curious why I didn’t hear more of that store. It seems the store is fairly new and I even had another outfit from them. So I was triggered to find more … I couldn’t find the main store but if you go to “marketplace” you can find most of the items they have sold by now. One of them is this incredible Miki outfit. There is the Miki track pants and the Miki bodysuit with top sold separately. you can choose one colour or go for a fatpack… The bodysuit can be sheer like in the picture or changed in fishnet or opaque.

Other items are the “Old school Locker Room” backdrop from Paparazzi, the -David Heather- Sports Drinks, the “Black Cats poses”  Punchtime Break (female version) and the -KC- Danika sneakers… Most of the items can be found on marketplace also…

Thank you all to joining me in my battle for existence …

Kisses Ivy ❤

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