Astral Bounty Hunters

Astral Bounty Hunters

Almost everyone has seen the Mandalorian by now … and the idea of bounty hunters trying to catch people is a very rich ground to make a blog … So I found myself a worthy companion, and we started our own business together. After boarding the class – A frater Starflight, my droid started to sweep the ship in search of our prey … “You know it CK … dead or alive.”

Wearing today the cute leather “Trouble” outfit from Monomania which can be found at the main store. Included are the boots, jacket, and jumpsuit for the Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies.

Also wearing the tram H0531 hair, the :::SOLE::: “SA – Headset VOSTARS” and the {PSYCHO:Byts} Cyberneon Destiny – CyberLegs (gacha item)

The backdrop is from the new gacha by The bearded Guy called “Deutschland” and is the common “Astro travel” This gacha can be found at the “Mancave” event.

And my ground sweeping companion I found on the marketplace and is called [COD] Predator Drone.

Kisses and till next time


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