When Mom Is Gone …

When mom is gone ...

“Kids do the funniest things on vacation … isn’t that right bro 🙂 Laughs one thing is certain when we fall we will float …”

I’m wearing the new Horntail exclusive for the Harajuku event this February… “Banana Life” is an amazing unisex gacha with 26 commons and 3 rare banana outfits to have fun with. See the Seraphim website for more info about the event and the gacha key … Looks around lucky no Minions around … have fun and go bananasssss ❤

Harajuku! Don’t Mind If I Do!

But I also put my brother in a floatie because this isn’t the first time Horntail makes these funny outfits. He is wearing the Hero inflatable from a previous gacha that you can find at the main store of Horntail… Good luck in playing for your favorite one 😉


The surf pose today is from “*~* Y’s Art&Poses” and called  “Surfing Together 4” which is easily found on the marketplace…

So that was it for today … time to have a good laugh and you know the party is never over 😉

Kisses Ivy



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